For any bathroom, water-resistant, stylish and hard wearing surfaces and fixtures are essential. In an area where high humidity can be a significant issue, it is vitally important that your surfaces and fixtures are up to the challenge. Solid surfaces, like Corian, Staron, Tristone and Hi-Macs are specifically formulated to create the highest quality visual and practical results. LG Hi-Macs offer smooth, seamless surfaces that can transform any bathroom. So what are the considerations for using LG Hi-Macs in the bathroom? Well, here at NJ Design, we are industry leading solid surface providers, and this is our guide to everything you should know about LG Hi-Macs in the bathroom.

LG Hi-Macs

LG Hi-Macs are a complex combination of natural materials, acrylic and pigments. This carefully balanced combination creates an effective surface that is seamless and non-porous, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. LG Hi-Macs surfaces are durable, resilient and hard-wearing.

Considerations for using LG Hi-Macs in the bathroom

When using LG Hi-Macs in the bathroom, you could consider using this to create:

  • Sinks and basins- LG Hi-Macs can create effective sinks and basins, without seams or joins. Because this surface is thermaformed to fit snugly into any position and shape, there are no tiny crevices, bumps or imperfections for mould or mildew to build up. This means that an LG Hi-Macs sink is incredibly hygienic and sanitary.
  • Bathroom splash back- an LG Hi-Macs sink can be combined with a splash-back feature in one seamless integration. This means that not only can you protect your walls around the sink from splashes and spills, but without gaps and joins between the two surfaces, you can also create a hygienic and clean space.

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