When it comes to choosing a splashback for your new kitchen, it is important to choose something that is both practical, functional and attractive. After all, you will need a kitchen splashback that meets the visual and aesthetic requirements of your design style and colour scheme, as well as a durable and long lasting kitchen feature. But what are the top qualities for an effective kitchen splashback? Well, here at NJ Design, we are industry leading solid surface providers, and this is our guide to everything you should know about choosing an effective kitchen splashback.

What are the top qualities for an effective kitchen splashback?

There are several qualities that are essential for any kitchen splashback. These include:

  • Water resistance- it is essential that any splashback you choose is fully water resistant. This because the splashback is positioned behind and sometimes around the sink too, to protect walls and surfaces from water damage. Any solid surface, including Corian and Staron can provide this important quality.
  • Hygienic- another key feature for any successful splashback is hygiene. You need the space around the sink and food preparation areas to be clean and free of  mould, bacteria and dirt. A solid surface option like Corian or Tristone can be a good solution for this, as solid surfaces do not have any gaps or joins, unlike tiles, and they do not have any small holes or spaces either. This means that mould cannot grow on the surface.
  • Durable- splashbacks might not need to be as durable as the kitchen worktop, but boiling water and spillages can still effect the splashback too. So the material you choose needs to have a high level of durability and resistance to stay in great condition. Solid surfaces are incredibly hard wearing, and are also long lasting.

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