If you are considering installing a new kitchen or bathroom, you should look at the range of solid surface options available. One solid surface perfectly suited for use throughout your home is Staron. Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts. And we work with companies and homeowners to provide a top quality, professional service. As a result, we have produced this guide to the domestic applications of Staron.

Staron in the bathroom

One of the most popular places to use Staron in the home is in the bathroom. But what makes it such a good option. Well there are a range of design features, including:

  • Non porous- Staron is naturally impervious to water, which means that for bathrooms it is the perfect choice. Basins and bowls can be created to fit any space, and you will not need to worry about water leakage or damage.
  • Seamless- with a seamless design, Staron doesn’t leave gaps between pieces. This means that mould and bacteria cannot gather in small joins or crevasses, and as a result, your bathroom will be more hygienic.
  • Stylish- Staron is an incredibly stylish option, available in a range of colours, so it suits any bathroom theme or style.

Staron in the kitchen

The domestic applications of Staron don’t just stop at the bathroom. In fact, Staron is an effective solid surface that can be used throughout the kitchen. And there are a range of design features which make it the perfect choice. These include:

  • Hard-wearing and durable- Staron is incredibly hard wearing and durable, which makes it the perfect choice for kitchen worktops and sinks.
  • Stain resistant- Staron is also stain resistant, which means that any spills or leaks can easily be mopped up with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Easy to maintain- Staron doesn’t need any special maintenance measures to make sure it stays in the best of condition, and in the very unlikely event that it does become damaged, it can easily be repaired or restored.

For more information or advice about the domestic applications of Staron, get in touch with the professionals today, here at NJ Design.