Here at NJ Design, we are Preston’s leading solid surface and furniture design experts. From your kitchen to your bedroom, home office and bathroom, we can design and create showstopping pieces of furniture, perfect for any requirements you might have. This includes creating custom kitchen splashbacks. But what should you bear in mind when designing a custom splashback?

What should you consider when designing a custom kitchen splashback?

There are a number of important design considerations to take into account when designing a custom kitchen splashback. These include:

  • The depth of the splashback- the depth of the splashback determines how far from the wall the splashback will protrude. Most splashbacks need to be quite slim, but this can depend on the angle and shape of your kitchen, especially in older properties.
  • The length of the splashback- how long your splashback runs around the perimeter of your kitchen is up to you. Some kitchens can benefit from an additional run off creating an L shape, while a more standard approach is to use a simple rectangular section above the sink or oven.
  • The height of the splashback- the height of the splashback can be important to consider as this may need to fit between any upper wall cabinets you may have, as well as any windows or shelves.
  • The material choice- choosing the right material for your splashback is an important consideration. While tiles can be used, the grout lines can become mouldy and unhygienic. Solid surface materials can be the most effective option as these are naturally non porous, and can be thermoformed to the shape and dimensions of your space. Solid surface materials are also incredibly hygienic, with no gaps or joins to allow bacteria or fungi to thrive.

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