Here at NJ Design, we are Preston’s leading solid surface and furniture design experts. From your kitchen to your bedroom, home office and bathroom, we can design and create showstopping pieces of furniture, perfect for any requirements you might have. But what are the advantages of choosing our bespoke fitted bedroom furniture?

What are the advantages of bespoke fitted bedrooms?

Fitted bedrooms are designed to be built into the space available, no matter the size or the shape of the room. This can bring a number of advantages and benefits, including:

  • Increasing the space available- bedrooms tend to have a lot of large furniture, including wardrobes, and draws, as well as the bed itself. And this can be difficult to fit into the space, in a practical way, without making it difficult to move around. But with a fitted bedroom, you can make sure that all of the furniture fits together, saving space and creating a practical, stylish bedroom that can really help you unwind and relax.
  • Bespoke design- the bespoke nature of our fitted furniture here at NJ Design means that the furniture is designed specifically to fit within the dimensions of your room. Whether your bedroom is an unusual shape, or you want to include a cubby hole or a different feature, fitted furniture can help this be achieved, for a stunning and stylish result. At the same time, the furniture itself will also be made to your standards, and finished to suit your individual preferences.

Why choose us here at NJ Design?

Here at NJ Design, we design and create our bespoke furniture, so we can work directly with you to create whatever you want or need. When you choose us, you can be sure of:

  • a high quality design
  • professional, top quality finish
  • great customer service
  • a unique bedroom built around your requirements

Call us today here at NJ Design on 01772 378830 to discuss the smallest to the biggest project.