With the New Year fast approaching, home improvements are often top of the list of New Year resolutions. One of the most frequently visited places in the home, your bathroom is a real necessity. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look great too! After all, practicality is only part of the equation. For large family bathrooms, to cloakrooms and en-suites, here at NJ Design, we can design and create stunning bespoke bathrooms for any size room. And this can transform your home in the upcoming year. So what does designing a bespoke bathroom involve?

Creating a bespoke bathroom this New Year

To create a stunning, practical and stylish bespoke bathroom, we can help, here at NJ Design.

Designing a bespoke bathroom is all about blending the practical, with the stylish. We will take a look at your space, and discuss with you, your design ideas. From there, we can plan out your bathroom space, with key design principles in mind.

At NJ Design, we focus on creating a bathroom that will meet all of your practical needs, no matter what they are. From walk in baths and wet rooms, to roll top, freestanding baths, your bathroom should have all the fixtures you require.

At the same time, we also make sure that we get the style of your bathroom just right. Whether you want something traditional, or contemporary, in line with the rest of your home, we can help. We even offer underfloor heating, designer radiators and digital showers to really give your bathroom the edge.

Materials used

What makes a bespoke bathroom so special is the choice of materials you have. You can choose the fixtures and fittings in almost any bathroom suite, but you don’t have much of a choice over the materials these fixtures are made from. And this could potentially have a negative impact on the maintenance and upkeep of your bathroom. As some materials, although more expensive, are much better quality. Take our solid surface options for example. From Corian and Staron, to Tristone, each of these can be used to create sinks, shower trays, and work-surfaces. And they are fully waterproof, incredibly durable, and 100% hygienic. Unlike some of the cheaper options used in mass produced bathroom suites.

For more information about designing a bespoke bathroom get in touch with the experts today, here at NJ Design.