Here at NJ Design, we are leading solid surface experts. And one of our favourite surfaces to work with is Corian. Corian is tough, durable, and naturally non-porous. This means that it can be the perfect solution for bathrooms in both domestic and commercial settings. But bathroom design is no longer solely focused on practical considerations, it is also about creating a relaxing, visually appealing environment. And Corian can also be perfect for this. This is our guide to using Corian in bathrooms.

Corian counter-tops

Corian can be the perfect material for creating counter-tops. It can easily be thermaformed, and this means it can be cut, shaped and molded into any necessary design. As a result, if you want to create a bathroom with stunning, sweeping curves, and interesting shapes, Corian is the perfect material.

Not only is it easily shaped, Corian is also hard wearing and durable. This is important in the bathroom where the counter-tops will be used multiple times a day.

Finally, Corian is also incredibly hygienic. With no joins, and a non-porous surface, bacteria and mold cannot grow on a Corian surface, as long as it is cleaned well.

Corian Basins

In addition, Corian can be perfect to create basins from. In fact, there are a range of prefabricated Corian basins to choose from, but you can also have one made to measure.

Available in a variety of colours, Corian basins can be used perfectly in any bathroom theme. From monochrome to bolder colour choices, there are many to choose from.

Using Corian in Bathrooms

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of Corian in the bathroom is the ability to create one fluid, seamless design. This means that the splash-back, the basin and the vanity unit can be made from the same connected piece of the Corian. As a result, there will be no joins or seams, which can create a stunning effect within the bathroom.

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