Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts. From Corian and Staron, to Hanex and LG Hi-Macs, we offer a range of solid surface products, perfect for both commercial and domestic use. One of the more affordable solid surface products we offer is Tristone. But what is Tristone? And what are the advantages of Tristone in the kitchen?

What is Tristone?

Tristone is a solid surface material made from acrylic. As a result, it has all the same advantages of the more expensive Corian or Staron options. These advantages include:

  • heat resistance
  • hygienic
  • water resistant
  • stylish and vibrant colour option

Advantages of Tristone in the kitchen

Tristone in the kitchen has a range of advantages. And whether you need a surface for a commercial, or a domestic kitchen, Tristone can be the perfect option. It is both practical and stylish, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Advantages of using Tristone in commercial kitchens

In any commercial kitchen, hygiene and cleanliness is essential. This is why Tristone is the perfect option. With a non-porous surface, Tristone can fend off bacteria and other harmful germs, so a regular wipe down will keep your surfaces fully bacteria free. At the same time, Tristone is seamless, which means there are no cracks or gaps for bacteria or mould to thrive within.

In addition, commercial kitchens tend to take a beating. From many sharp knives, to red hot pans, your kitchen work-surfaces need to be up to the task. And Tristone is just that. Not only is Tristone really hard-wearing and durable, but it is also practically fire proof too!

Advantages of using Tristone in domestic kitchens

As discussed above, Tristone is non-porous, seamless, heat resistant, and durable. And all of these advantages each relate to a domestic kitchen as well. However, in your home, your kitchen doesn’t only need to be practical. It needs to be stylish too. And with 32 different colours available, Tristone work-surfaces can be made to suit any home, and any style.

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