Himacs Solid Surface

As a member of the Hi-Macs Quality Club, we can offer you a 15yr warranty on all products fabricated and installed by NJDesign.

About Himacs Solid Surface

Hi-Macs is a composition of acrylic, natural materials and pigments that together provide a non-porous, smooth and seamless surface. The design possibilities and flexibility of this material are endless. It is stain resistant so easy to clean and maintain. It can be back lit or incorporate lighting designs. Hi-Macs sinks and bowls can be seamlessly integrated, giving a stunning finish to domestic work surfaces.

Himacs Solid Surface Colours Range – 90 Stunning Colours

We can supply and fabricate your solid surfaces in over 84 Himacs colours. View Himacs colour & designs range or to order a sample click on the photo below.

Download Himacs Brochures

If you wish to find out more about LG-Himacs Solid Surface feel free to download their official brochures.

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To discover what we can do with LG-Himacs material download the LG-Himacs Brochures.

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