Here at NJ Design, we are industry leading solid surface providers. So we know a thing or to when it comes to Corian, Staron, Tristone and others. But did you know that solid surface solutions in the bathroom can be both a very practical, and stylish solution. So whether you own a hotel, a spa, a luxury gym, or simply your own home, solid surfaces in the bathroom could transform your space. As a result, we have have produced this guide to solid surface applications in bathrooms.

Solid surface applications in bathrooms

In any bathroom, solid surfaces can be designed and created just to fit your space. These surfaces can take the form of:

  • splashback areas
  • shower trays
  • sinks
  • worksurfaces
  • tables and chairs

As you can see, there are a number of solid surface applications in bathrooms. And whatever you need, we are the professional, and reliable team you can count on.

Solid surface shower trays

Strong and durable, solid surface materials are designed to be resistant, and resilient. This means that when compared to other leading shower tray materials, the solid surface options are more likely to last longer, without being damaged.

At the same time, these shower trays are completely sealed. And this means that there are no cracks or crevices for germs, bacteria, or mold to make a home. So your shower will be more hygienic, as well as stylish and practical.

Solid surface sinks

Solid surface materials can be thermoformed into any shape you need. This includes sinks. In fact, there are a variety of off the shelf solid surface sinks that are available. In addition to creating and installing a bespoke sink option.

Solid surface materials like Corian and Staron are perfect for sinks, because they are naturally 100% waterproof, stain resistant, and because there are no imperfections, they will not become host to mold or bacteria.

For more information about solid surface applications in bathrooms, and the different types of solid surface available, get in touch with the professionals today, here at NJ Design.