Solid surface materials dont get much better than Corian. From worksurfaces and desks, to shower basins and wall paneling, there are a range of uses and applications for Corian. Consequently, Corian allows you unlock your creativity, no matter where you want to use it. Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to using Corian creatively.

Designs and creativity

Because of the range of uses of Corian, designers and architects are constantly considering new ways to add Corian into design. With it’s ability to be easily shaped, the patterns and details you can add, and a huge range of colours, Corian really does offer a lot of opportunity to be creative. As a result, using Corian creatively, is becoming increasingly popular.

Easily shaped

Corian can easily be thermoformed as it becomes flexible when heated. This means that it can be bent and shaped into a variety of designs. The most popular use of this is to create curved or waved worksurfaces. It also makes it easy to keep the edges rounded and smooth.

Consequently, stunning and sweeping curves are easy to create with Corian and this has a range of practical applications. From the hotel reception desk, to your own personal kitchen worktop, Corian can be shaped for your own goals and purposes.

Engraved with texture

Using Corian creatively can also involve engraving Corian. This is a fantastic way to create texture, detail, and pattern to a solid surface that is usually flat.

This engraving can be achieved using CNC Machinery and it means you can create highly accurate and exact details. In a commercial setting this means that you can add your company logo or imagery to the surface in a unique and interesting way.

If you are ready to choose Corian for your latest project, contact us today, here at Nj Design.