When it comes to solid surfaces, we are experts, here at NJ Design. Solid surfaces for your worktops have a range of practical advantages, but sometimes these advantages come with a hefty price tag. However, Tristone solid surfaces are more affordable than other options, such as Corian. As a result, we have produced this guide to Tristone worktops.


Tristone is an incredibly practical material, perfect for solid surfaces. Because it is made from acrylic, Tristone is resistant to both heat and moisture. This makes it an incredibly practical option for both domestic and commercial kitchens, where cooking is an important activity.

Being heat resistant, the Tristone solid surface worktops will not stain or mark if exposed to high temperature pots and pans, although you should still exercise caution. This contrasts with wooden or laminate surfaces which will burn through and be difficult to repair.

In addition, the non porous nature of Tristone means that spillages of liquids, hot or cold, wont be absorbed into your kitchen counters. This is perfect for all kinds of households, even where small children are present. Any spillages should of course be mopped up, but you can rest assured that no liquid can damage your Tristone worktop.


With over 32 colours available, Tristone is a solid surface that can really match any home or kitchen design. And, if you cant find what you are looking for, more colours can be ordered, just for you. As a result, you can personalize your room with a seamless solid surface worktop, in whichever colour would suit your style. This makes a Tristone worktop a real wow feature.

In addition, Tristone solid surfaces can be cut and shaped for any desire. Have a tough corner that needs something original? Tristone has it covered. As a result, you can create your worktop in whatever way you want. Why not impress your family and friends with a curved, dramatic centerpiece?


To summarise, the advantages of Tristone worktops include:

⦁ the high quality
⦁ the competitive price
⦁ the colour range
⦁ non-porous material
⦁ heat resistant
⦁ easy to maintain

In summary

Our guide to Tristone worktops has covered the practicalities and the stylish nature of this solid surface material. Fro more information, why not contact us today, here at NJ Design?