One of our favourite solid surfaces here at NJ Design is Staron, especially for using in the kitchen. Staron is created by Samsung, world leader in technology and innovation, and is a solid surface material that is truly effective. But why do we love working with Staron? And what makes it so effective? Well, we have produced this guide to using Staron in kitchens.

Sculpting and shaping

One of the huge advantages to Staron is the ability to shape and mold it depending on your needs and requirements. As a result using Staron in kitchens is a fantastic decision. From work surfaces to sinks and draining boards, Staron can really transform your kitchen. In addition, this ability to be shaped means that any peculiar corners or gaps can be planned for and a solid surface created that specifically fills these requirements.

Colour options

Using Staron in kitchens is made a lot easier by the huge range of colour options available. These colour choices cover all kinds of shades, from popular greys and dark shades, to more bright and vibrant colours that are guaranteed to make a statement. As a result, whatever colour scheme you are creating in your kitchen, Staron is the perfect solid surface material to help you achieve this.

Incredibly Practical

Furthermore, Staron is specifically designed to tackle the hardships that kitchens can cause. From heat damage to water damage, Staron is fully equipped. Staron is a solid surface that is stain proof, water proof and heat resistant, without relying on additional maintenance. This is different to natural timber or stone work surfaces, that require a range of care routines. Finally, Staron also does not react to sunlight. This means that even if your kitchen has a glass roof and glass walls, the Staron solid surfaces will not change shade or colour.

For more information about Staron, contact us today here at NJ Design, the solid surfaces experts.