Staron is an impressive and versatile material that can be used effectively in a variety of spaces and places. In fact, it can be transformed into a range of shapes and styles to suit any need. But this isn’t the only benefit. Staron is perfect for both domestic and commercial uses. Here at NJ Design, Staron is one of the solid surface options we love to work with. As a result we have produced this guide to the advantage of Staron.

Advantages of Staron for domestic use

In the home, Staron is usually used within the bathroom or the kitchen and there are a range of practical advantages for this, including:

  • The durability- incredibly strong and hard-wearing, Staron is perfect for kitchen worktops, as well as sinks and shower trays. It is a very hard surface that can withstand a lot of force.
  • 100% waterproof- whatever material you choose for your kitchen or bathroom, it needs to be waterproof. While traditional options like natural stone and hardwood will need to be treated and sealed regularly, Staron is naturally 100% waterproof and non-porous. This makes it incredibly hygienic too.
  • Easily shaped- as Staron can be transformed into any shape necessary, it is the perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where difficult gaps may need to be filled.

Advantages of Staron for commercial use

The commercial uses of Staron are literally limitless. From reception desks and counters, to tables, chairs, bars and even furniture, Staron can be transformed into anything you need. But why would you choose Staron? Well, here in addition to the above advantages, that are also applicable to commercial settings, here are some further advantages:

  • Colour options- Staron is available in a range of colour options to suit all spaces, styles and colour schemes.
  • Lighting- Staron is fantastic at reflecting light in interesting ways. Under counter lighting for your Staron reception desk, for example, can really transform the whole space and create an impressive feature.
  • Long lasting- Staron is a hard-wearing and durable material that is long lasting. So after the initial outlay, the costs will be considerably low.

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