Leading the way for solid surface choices in the kitchen is Corian. As a top quality, tough, and durable solid surface material, Corian is perfect for kitchen worktops and surfaces. Here at NJ Design, we create kitchens made to measure. One of the central aspects of this is choosing the correct solid surface type, and for this, Corian continues to be the most popular choice. But why are Corian kitchen worktops such a good option?

Corian can be thermaformed

Using the thermaforming process, Corian can be shaped into any design, size or shape you need. As a result, Corian can create dramatic sweeping curves, or gentle curved edges. This is a fantastic feature for work-surfaces, as it means you can create the perfect contemporary style.

Furthermore, if your kitchen has awkward spaces, or angles that just dont align, Corian can be made to measure. The result is a seamless solid surface that fills the given space and looks incredible.

Corian has a range of colour options

We all know that getting the colour scheme right is an important part of kitchen design. And it shouldn’t just be left to the tiles. In fact, coloured kitchen cabinets and work-surfaces are incredibly popular. So whether you need a monochrome worktop or something that stands out a little more, Corian is the solid surface for you. With a range of colour choices available, Corian is the perfect option for any kitchen.

Corian is durable

Finally, Corian is a robust, hard wearing and tough option. This is incredibly important for your kitchen worktops that may have to handle heat, spillages and sharp objects on a regular basis. In fact, Corian is even stain and water resistant, making Corian an even better choice.

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