When it comes to your new kitchen, bathroom or commercial space, choosing the right material for the work-surfaces is an absolute must. Not only must the worktops be stylish and appealing, but they also need to be practical too. Waterproof, seamless and stain proof are all important qualities that will make your daily life a little bit easier. And LG Hi-Macs could be just the option. Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts. And we often work with LG Hi-macs in both commercial and domestic environments. As a result, we have produced this guide to using LG Hi-Macs worktops.

What is LG Hi-Macs?

LG Hi-macs is a solid surface composition, made from acrylic, pigments and natural minerals and materials to form a hard wearing and durable material. As a solid surface composite, it has all the usual benefits you can expect from solid surface worktops including:

  • a seamless surface that creates a stylish, one-piece finish, and leaves no gaps for bacteria and germs to thrive in
  • a huge array of design possibilities as this surface can be cut to any shape or style
  • non-porous so is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, and will not require a lot of treating and sealing to maintain
  • stain resistant so less maintenance
  • hard-wearing and resistant so can handle a lot of weight and is less likely to chip or crack

Using LG Hi-Macs Worktops

LG Hi-Macs worktops can be extremely effective in a range of settings. For example:

  1. Kitchen worktops- Kitchen worktops need to be hygienic and waterproof, for practical food preparation. LG Hi-Macs can offer both of these qualities.
  2. Bathroom work-surfaces- Again anything in the bathroom needs to be water resistant, but LG Hi-Macs is also incredibly stylish. As a result, it can be used in any bathroom, with any style in mind.
  3. Commercial desks and work spaces- Whether it’s reception or your office desk and workspace, your worktop needs to set a high standard and be stylish. LG Hi-Macs is available in more than 90 colours and styles, and can also work well with lighting design, to help you make a statement.

For more information or advice, why not contact NJ Design, specialists in solid surfaces?