Here at NJ Design , we are solid surface specialists. From Staron to Corian we can create incredible bespoke solid surfaces for any range of commercial purposes. From Costa Coffee, to Yo Sushi, we work with some huge industry players. As a result, we are often creating and installing Staron surfaces for commercial applications. But what can Staron be used for? Well, this is our guide to commercial Staron.

The Hotel and Leisure industry

For surfaces in guest bedrooms and bathrooms, look no further. Staron is the perfect choice. Not only can it be thermaformed into any shape you require, leading to beautiful curved desks, it is also perfect for walls and showers. Staron can literally be applied almost anywhere for fantastic results. Available with more than 80 colours, it can suite any bedroom theme you have. And, not only will it look amazing, it will be easy to keep clean too.

However, Staron isnt only great for beds, bathrooms and desks, it can look fantastic in your lobby or reception too. Its stylish and sleek appeal can make any contemporary hotel stand out. Use Staron fro sweeping curves in your reception desk, or to create bespoke cabinets to display your hotels awards. We can guarantee you wont be disappointed.


Staron works perfectly with lighting design to draw attention to your retail displays. Whether you use Staron for worktops and counters, or for cabinets and pedestals, it is the perfect choice for any setting. Staron can also bring a personal touch to your shop as it can be thermaformed into unusual shapes. Why not draw attention to a display with a central stand designed to wow?

Gyms and public pools

Creating the changing areas and surfaces in gyms and public pools can be a challenging task. However, with Staron, it doesnt have to be. Staron is resilient, non porous and is available in a solid block which means no joins. As a result, it is perfect for using in wet areas, as it will stay clean and attractive, as well as germ free.

For more information or advice about commercial Staron, get in touch with the specialists today, here at NJ Design.