When it comes to solid surfaces, we are the experts here at NJ Design. This includes the ever popular Hanex solid surface material. Hanex is an incredible solid surface option for both commercial and domestic purposes, as it is incredibly hard wearing and versatile. This means it is also fantastic for the hotel environment. As a result, we have produced this guide to Hanex in hotels.

Hanex in hotel bathrooms

The whole of your hotel bathroom can benefit from the use of Hanex. This is because Hanex is perfect for shower enclosures, counter tops, sinks and even baths themselves. No matter the size or shape of the space you need to fill or create, Hanex can easily be shaped and styled tot he perfect dimensions. So whether its a full size bath or only a shower tray, Hanex is the perfect solution.

The advantages of using Hanex in the bathroom include:

  • no gaps or joins for unsightly mould to build up in
  • simple and easy to keep clean
  • durable and hard-wearing
  • waterproof

Hanex in hotel bars

Hotel bars can really benefit from the use of Hanex. Hanex can be thermaformed into any shape, so why not transform that plain rectangular bar into a stunning curved centerpiece? And if you use light in the right way, your bar will gleam and illuminate adding even more interest.

The advantages of Hanex for bars include:

  • the durability
  • the ease of maintenance
  • the stylish range of colours to suit any theme or colour scheme

Hanex in hotel kitchens

Furthermore, Hanex can even be used in the hotel kitchen. Food preparation surfaces need to be hygienic and easy to clean. Hanex is both. As well as being incredibly durable. Because Hanex has no joins, there are no gaps of cracks for bacteria or mould to build up in. As a result, it is a lot more hygienic than more traditional surface options.

If you are ready to choose your work-surface, why not check out our range of Hanex today, here at NJ Design.