Corian is a versatile man made material, made from a combination of natural minerals and acrylic copolymer. Corian is known as a solid surface material. This means that it is thermaformed into shape, without any joins or gaps. In the kitchen, this is a fantastic surface option as it offers full water resistance as well as durability and style, and it is often used for worktops, splashbacks and sinks. But you can also use Corian for custom kitchen islands. So what are the advantages of this? Well, here at NJ Design, we are leading solid surface experts. From Hanex and Staron, to Corian, we are the team you can count on. And this is our guide to everything you should know about Corian and kitchen islands.

What are the advantages of using Corian for custom kitchen islands?

So, what are the benefits of creating a custom or bespoke kitchen island with Corian? Well, there are several, including:

  • Corian kitchen islands are made to measure
  • Kitchen islands made from Corian can suit any style and colour scheme
  • Corian is a resistant and durable material

Corian kitchen islands are made to measure

When you choose a custom made, bespoke Corian kitchen island, you will create a kitchen island that is made to suit your own home. From the shape and design, to the size of the unit, you have full control over the design and installation. This means that a Corian kitchen island is an option that can meet your individual needs and requirements, and be additionally practical.

Corian kitchen islands are made to suit your style

Available in a wide range of colour choices, and design styles, Corian can be made to mimic quartz, marble, or other natural stone, or can be plain and pattern-less to suit more contemporary spaces.

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