As leading bathroom and kitchen design experts, and solid surface specialists, here at NJ Design, we know how effective bespoke fitted bathroom furniture can be. In fact, we create stunning bespoke bathrooms for home owners and property developers across the North West. But what should you bear in mind when designing fitted bathroom furniture?

What are the important considerations when designing bespoke fitted bathroom furniture?

Creating a bespoke bathroom space can be a great option for any home or property. As part of this, you can opt for fitted bathroom furniture, but what are the considerations for this? Well, there are several, including:

  • The type of storage- with fitted bathroom furniture you have the flexibility to install bathroom cabinets and storage space of different shapes and sizes. These include long but short storage benches as well as tall, ceiling height cabinets. Corner cabinets can also be designed to perfectly fit the shape and structure of your bathroom space, as well as providing the most practical storage solutions. You will also need to consider whether you want to include drawers and rack storage as well as cabinets and cupboards.
  • The shape and layout– fitted bathroom furniture can be designed to provide practical storage for any bathroom, of any shape. You can alter the shape and layout of this to complement any bathroom, from the most unusual shape space, to the more common U and L shaped designs. This is something you should consider before the design process, to make the most use of the space available.
  • The style and design– when creating your own bespoke bathroom space, you can choose the design and style of the furniture that will best complement your interior design theme. From ultra-contemporary style, to more traditional cabinets, there are a range of options available to suit any home.

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