Designing a bespoke kitchen can help ensure that your kitchen is designed with your requirements and preferences in mind. This can help make your kitchen space more practical and functional. But what are the important considerations for bespoke kitchens? Well, here at NJ Design, we are Preston’s leading solid surface experts, and we provide a range of services, including bespoke kitchen and bathrooms. As a result, we have produced this guide to what you should consider when designing a bespoke kitchen.

What are the important considerations for bespoke kitchen design?

There are a number of important design considerations to bear in mind when creating any bespoke or custom kitchen. These considerations include:

  • Choosing the right layout
  • Choosing quality worktop and splash back materials
  • Choosing the right colour scheme

Choosing the right layout for your bespoke kitchen

Your kitchen doesn’t just need to look great, it also needs to be functional and practical too. And one of the most important practical considerations is the layout. The kitchen layout can influence how you use the space, and the positioning of important kitchen features, like the kitchen island or seating area. For the best results, you need to ensure a clear space between the oven, fridge and sink, as these are the three key kitchen areas.

Choosing quality worktop and splash back materials

Another practical consideration for any bespoke kitchen is the quality and material option for the worktop and the kitchen splash back. The worktop needs to be strong, durable and resilient to withstand frequent use, without being damaged by pots and pans and sharp knives, or water. The splash back also needs to be fully waterproof, to protect your property. Solid surface options can be most effective here, including Corian and Staron. These can meet all of your requirements, and offer a fully hygienic surface where moulds and mildew cannot grow.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your bespoke kitchen

Finally, you might want to consider the colour scheme in your kitchen. While white kitchen units still remain popular, there are a lot of other options available, including greys, blues and even back kitchen cabinets and worktops. Choose a colour scheme that suits the style of your kitchen, and your property.

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