When it comes to designing your bathroom, there are a number of different factors to consider. Fitted bathroom furniture can be highly effective, for both large and small spaces, adding storage and style to your space. But what are about double sink or basin units? What are the advantages of double basin bathrooms? And why should you consider installing these?

What are the advantages of double basin bathrooms?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to installing a double basin in your bathroom. These include:

  • Increased practicality- if you have a busy household a double basin bathroom can allow the space to be shared more easily, especially during the morning rush. This means that you wont need to wait around as long to brush your teeth or get ready for the day ahead.
  • Increased storage- a double basin bathroom, especially one designed as part of bespoke fitted bathroom furniture is likely to add extra storage units underneath, which can increase the storage in your bathroom. Space for storage is often a significant issue, even in larger bathrooms, and this design can bring an effective, practical solution.

Why should you choose bespoke solid surfaces for your bathroom?

To make sure your double basin bathroom design is most effective, you should consider using a solid surface material for your bathroom sinks and even the worktops. This can bring a number of advantages and benefits, including:

  • Improved hygiene- solid surface materials are incredibly hygienic. With no gaps, seams or joins, and a completely waterproof design, there is nowhere for germs, mould or bacteria to thrive, even in the damp bathroom conditions.
  • Stunning style- solid surface materials like Corian and Hanex are available in a wide range of colour combinations and styles, so you can be sure of selecting the perfect option for your bathroom.
  • Unique design- solid surface materials can be thermaformed and designed in all manner of shapes and designs. This means that you can get something completely unique for your bathroom space, that is sure to grab attention and interest.

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