Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts. As a result, we produce high quality, bespoke solid surface solutions for domestic and commercial properties across Preston and the North West. For kitchens and bathrooms we can provide high quality solid surface solutions. This includes reception desks. But what are the benefits to a reception desk made from solid surface materials?

What are the top reasons to choose a solid surface reception desk?

Whether you run a hotel or a large customer or client facing office, there are a number of reasons why you should consider a solid surface reception desk. This is because there are a number of benefits to this surface material, including:

  • Creating a stunning visual effect- solid surface reception desks can be a stunning addition to the welcoming area of your commercial property. This can reflect the professionalism of your company and lead to great first impressions. In addition, because of the nature of solid surface materials, any shape or design can be created. This can add individuality and style to your workplace.
  • Promote company branding- your reception desk is often one of the first things that any potential customer or client will see when they enter your property. A stunning design will not only grab their attention. but it can also be used to promote your company branding. Logo cutouts can be designed as part of the desk front itself, and the desk can even be created using company colours. Solid surface materials like Corian and Staron offer a wealth of colour combinations.
  • Hygienic surface- If your reception desk is operating by a team of rotating staff, you might want to consider surface hygiene. Solid surface desks are made out one piece, and thermaformed into shape. This means there are no joins, or seams, for bacteria or viruses to lurk. And as a completely non-porous surface, you can rest assured that your reception desk will be much cleaner than other alternatives.

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