Corian may be considered as a domestic material, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms in ultra contemporary homes, but it is also incredibly effective in commercial settings. For restaurants, bars, hotels and even retail, Corian can be the perfect material, as long as it is used appropriately. Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts, and we have worked with a range of companies to provide effective commercial Corian solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial Corian uses.


One of the most common commercial Corian uses is for restaurants. This is because Corian can be used throughout the restaurant from the kitchens to the reception.

Corian is incredibly hygienic, impervious, hard-wearing, resiliant and resistant to stains. It is also easy to clean and maintain, which makes it perfect for restaurants.


Another commercial use of Corian is in bars. Work-surfaces in bars need to be incredibly resistant and resilient, as well as impervious. Corian can offer all of this and more. In addition, Corian is available in a huge variety of colours and textures, so your Corian work surface can suit your theme and style.


Commercial Corian uses also include hotels. From the kitchens to the bathrooms, from the spa rooms to the bard, Corian can be used throughout a hotel to give a luxurious and elegant finish. It also means that your theme will be united across the hotel, leading to an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Retail environment

Finally, retail environments can also benefit from commercial Corian. Pedestals, shelving, cabinets and work-surfaces can all be molded from Corian to bring a very refined and elegant appeal to your shop or retail space.

For more information or advice about how Corian could suit your commercial aims, get in touch with the experts today, here at NJ Design.