Here at NJ Design, we are industry leading solid surface providers. From bespoke furniture to commercial kitchens and bathrooms we are the team you can count on for professional, high quality results. But why should you choose solid surfaces for hygiene?

Why should you choose solid surfaces for hygiene?

Solid surfaces can bring a range of benefits and advantages including stunning visual style and practicality in any space. But one of the biggest benefits is the effective hygiene that this material choice can offer. So why should you choose solid surfaces for hygiene? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

  • Preventing bacterial growth- solid surface materials lie Corian and Hanex do not provide a suitable habitat for microbial growth or bacteria to form or linger. It is also mould resistant too. So for your domestic or commercial kitchen or bathroom, solid surfaces can prevent the spread of infection and help to keep everyone happy and healthy.
  • Non porous- solid surface materials are non porous and this is partly why they are so effective at resisting mould, fungus and bacteria. But this also means that the surface can be safely cleaned with bleach and other detergents, even in a commercial kitchen, as the bleach will not be absorbed into the surface. As a result, the surfaces can be kept completely clean and sanitised, without causing any health issues.
  • Easy to maintain- its easy to keep solid surfaces in great condition and even if the surface does become scratched or damaged, this can be easily repaired to maintain a hygienic surface with no joins or gaps. Any surface scratches can be sanded down or buffed out with ease.

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