The kitchen splashback can be a defining visual feature in your kitchen. Whether you opt for colours and materials that create striking contrast, or those that create more subtle visual effects, your kitchen splashback can add character and impact. However, this is also a practical consideration too, and you will need to consider the size, style and functionality of your kitchen splashback choice. That’s why a custom splashback can be a great option. So what exactly are the advantages of a custom kitchen splashback? Well, here at NJ Design, we are industry leading solid surface providers, and this is our guide to everything you should know about custom kitchen splashbacks.

What are the advantages of a custom kitchen splashback?

There are a number of advantages to choosing a custom kitchen splashback. These include:

  • Custom fitting- instead of relying on an off the shelf or general splashback, that may not be the perfect fit for your space, or may require some DIY to fit, a custom kitchen splashback is designed to fit your space exactly. This means that you can be sure of a dramatic and visually stunning result. It also means that your splashback can be as big or as small as you need. In fact, some opt to install the splashback material to cover the wall between the lower and upper cabinets, across the whole kitchen.
  • Designed to suit your style- you can be sure that our custom splashbacks will use the materials and colours that will suit your kitchen style exactly. Whether you want to create a traditional or contemporary space, our custom kitchen splashbacks can be a great choice.
  • High quality materials- when you choose a custom kitchen splashback with us here at NJ Design, you can be sure of the highest quality materials for your splashback. We can choose from a range of solid surface materials that offer natural waterproofing, durability, heat resistance and stain resistance. No tiled splashback can compare to a solid surface option.

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