Solid surfaces can bring a range of benefits and advantages including stunning visual style and practicality in any space. But one of the biggest benefits is the effective hygiene that this material choice can offer. But there are also a wide range of options for creating unique kitchen features with solid surfaces.

What are the effective options for creating unique kitchen features with solid surfaces?

Solid surfaces are a popular choice for kitchens both commercial and domestic. And if you’re looking to make a big impact with a domestic kitchen feature, solid surface materials can be the perfect choice. Not only can these be thermoformed into any shape or design, but they can also bring a range of important functionality. The unique kitchen features you could create with solid surfaces include:

  • A built-in cutting board or chopping block- There are numerous ways to design these practical kitchen features in line with your design and style choices. For example, the chopping board can be integrated into the countertop itself, providing a convenient and hygienic workspace for food preparation. These can slide out or fold out when needed, or be part oft he worktop itself. Built-in cutting boards can also be designed with a drain or channel to collect excess liquid, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • A stylish kitchen sink- set your kitchen apart with a stylish and practical solid surface sink. The sink can easily become on e of the main visual features in any kitchen, in any style, traditional, rustic or contemporary. With solid surfaces you will have the option to create a unique sink design. Undermount sinks, which are mounted beneath the countertop, are a popular choice for solid surface countertops as they create a seamless look. However, solid surfaces can also be molded to create integrated sinks, in which the sink and countertop are made from a single piece of material. This can give the impression of a floating sink and can be a striking design feature.
  • A backsplash- A solid surface backsplash is a popular option for kitchen spaces. This is because solid surfaces have the practical advantage of being molded to fit the contours of the wall, giving the illusion of a continuous surface. This can be especially effective in small kitchens or those with awkward angles, as it helps to create a cohesive and streamlined look.

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