When choosing the right option for your kitchen, you should consider solid surface materials. From Corian to Staron, and Hanex, there are a range of options available. But what is Hanex? And why should you choose Hanex for your kitchen?

What is Hanex?

Hanex is a solid surface material that combines natural materials and acrylic. This is a material that is perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens, because of it’s natural properties.

Why should you choose Hanex for your kitchen?

There are a numebr of advantages to choosing Hanex for your kitchen. These include:

  • Fully waterproof- A Hanex worktop, sink or splash-back will be fully waterproof, without the need for coating or sealing, or regular maintenance. In fact, this solid surface material has no gaps, holes or joins at all so it is impossible for water to permeate the surface, and it’s also impossible for bacteria or mold to build up too. So not only is this fully waterproof, it’s also very hygienic too.
  • Durable- Hanex is a durable material that is heat resistant (although you should not place hot pans directly on the surface) and impact resistant, so it can withstand the pressures of any kitchen.
  • Range of colours- whatever style or colour scheme your kitchen has, you can be sure to find the right colour Hanex to suit. This can help you create a stunning visual feature in your kitchen, using either contrasting or complementary colours for the style and finish that’s right for your property.

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