Here at NJ Design, we are one of North West’s leading solid surface specialists. We are proud members of the LG Hi-Macs Quality Club, but we also specialize in other solid surfaces, like Corian, Staron and Tristone too. Staron is one of the most popular materials we work with, and it can offer a range of advantages. For bathrooms and kitchens alike, Staron could be the perfect choice. But why should you choose Staron for kitchens?

Why should you choose Staron for kitchens?

The kitchen environment is a room with a range of very specific requirements. Food preparation, and cooking, generally only take place in the kitchen, and this means that any materials used in the kitchen must be:

  • waterproof
  • heat resistant
  • durable

Staron is a solid surface material that can meet, and exceed, these specific requirements.

The advantages of Staron

Staron can bring a range of advantages to any kitchen, including:

  • Style- available in a wide range of colours, Staron can be an asset to either a contemporary or traditional kitchen, complimenting any colour scheme.
  • Functionality- Staron can be used for a range of kitchen features and fixtures. From the sink and draining board, to work-surfaces and solid splash-backs, Staron is a flexible, functional option.
  • Durable- Staron is a solid surface material that is stain proof, water proof and heat resistant, without relying on additional maintenance. This makes it the perfect choice for any kitchen environment.
  • Easily molded- Staron can be shaped to fit into any size or shape, space or gap. This means you wont need to join a series of pieces together, you can simply use one large, shaped piece specifically designed to meet your requirements.
  • UV resistant- unlike other surface options, Staron will not react to UV light. This means that however many windows your kitchen has, your work-surfaces wont fade in the sunlight.

For more information about Staron, contact us today here at NJ Design, the solid surfaces experts.