Increasingly popular, showering is an important consideration when it comes to your new bathroom. Layouts, styles, and floor space are all crucial to determining the perfect shower for your bathroom. Here at NJ Design, we know how important the practicalities of your new bathroom will be. This is our guide to help you choose between the different shower styles.

Recessed Showers

Sitting within three walls, a recessed shower is an enclosed shower space. A perfect choice for bathrooms with three walls close together, a recessed shower can save on floor space. All you need to do is fit a shower door across the entrance. Consequently, this is one of the easiest shower styles to adopt in your bathroom. However, there are a number of door styles you could use. These include:

  • Slider. Using rollers to open, a sliding door can help to save space. This is because it won’t need to open out into the available floor space.
  • Hinged. A hinged door has hinges on one side. This means it fully opens out into the bathroom itself. As a result, this can be an impractical option for small bathrooms.
  • Bi-Fold. Folding in half, the bifold door folds and then slides along. This means it doesn’t need to open fully into the bathroom and so saves floor space.

Corner showers

Using the space between 2 bathroom walls, a shower enclosure can be created in two ways:

  • Using curved glass to join both of the bathroom walls creates a shower quadrant. This curved glass tends to have sliding doors that meet in the middle. Again, this means that the quadrant takes up less space and means you won’t get water dripping into your bathroom when you open the door.
  • Using two glass panels, a corner shower joins the two bathroom walls, in a square or rectangular shape.

In summary

Choosing a shower style that will suite your own bathroom is important. From a recessed shower to a shower enclosure, there are several decisions for you to make. If you are looking for a new bathroom, take a look at our range at NJ Design today.