Myths about Corian!

First of all, Corian is a solid surface that consists of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer, this in turn can provide superior design possibilities and due to this, many people believe that Corian can’t perform exactly like it says it does, so below we have debunked the top myths regarding Corian.

Corian Stains

This is untrue as Corian is actually stain resistant. Any type of dirt, even the most reluctant and difficult to move, can be removed from Corian surfaces. The design also makes it look seamless which makes it easy to maintain in the bathroom and kitchen.

It’s Hard to Clean

Corian is very easy to clean in fact, by using soap, detergent, multipurpose cleaner or scouring cream with a kitchen sponge or cloth, anything left behind will be instantly removed with gentle rubbing in circular motions.

Corian is Flammable

Corian’s solid surface is heat resistant and can remain undamaged in temperatures up to and withstanding 21 degrees. However, you must always remember with countertop materials that it’s important to minimise all direct contact with heat to protect your surface and investment – as Corian can be quite expensive.

It Scratches

Although some Corian surfaces can scratch, it can be easily repaired. On lighter Corian surfaces, they tend to receive a matte finish that can minimise the perception of scratches while the DuPont Deep Colour technology achieves greater depth, meaning it can reduce the appearance of scratches and marks.

Remember to always do your research before investing in a Corian surface as you don’t want to make the wrong decision. Corian tends to be the best countertop surface in the market today and is known for its durability, long lasting effect and multiple designs and styles to choose from.

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