Imagine leaving your iPhone on your kitchen worktop overnight to find it fully charged in the morning.

Imagine if that happened in an intuitive way without wires or plugs. Kitchen worktops made from DuPont Corian Charging Surface could make that happen.

How they work

On the outside, they are beautiful worktops made in stylish colours and from a supremely practical material. Underneath, they contain state-of-the-art technology which recharges smartphone and tablet batteries wirelessly.

The energy is sent using a hidden transmitter to a smart device, and stops automatically when the battery is full.

You can choose where the transmitter is placed in your kitchen to suit your design and how you use the space.

A DuPont Corian Home Design or Industrial Partner will install the wireless charger at the same time they install your worktop. The 8 mm by 92 mm charger consists of a plug and play system. It comes with a two-year warranty and can charge smartphones and tablets at low power. It charges devices supported by Qi and PMA and is ready for upgrades in the future because of its micro USB port.

All you have to do is connect a receiver to your smart device, place it on the charging spot, and recharging begins immediately. If you’re a family of tech addicts, you can have multiple charging spots in your kitchen.

The connectors you need

Some smartphones and tablets won’t need an adapter as they are already enabled for the technology. For those which do, DuPont’s Powermat wireless charging rings are adapters compatible with 95% of smartphones and mobile devices. The connector types are micro USB, Apple Lightning, and Apple 30-pins. Plugged into a smart device’s receiving port, they receive the magnetic energy.

For architects and designers, the technology gives them the flexibility of creating tech-rich environments while keeping a space functional.

If this is your kind of brave new world, call us today for a no-obligation chat.

No Charger? No Problem!

Everyone knows that awful feeling when you pick your phone up as you’re about to leave for work and there’s the sudden realization that it was not on charge overnight. You spend your day begging for a charger and preserving the tiny amount of battery left.

Well worry no more! The Dupont Corain Charging Surface gives your basic kitchen side the ability to charge not just one phone but multiple devices while simply placed on the counter.

So how does this amazing new revelation work? Basically first of all, one of the main decisions is to pick the colour which suits your home the best. Then, figure where you want your Corain wireless chargers placed with ease and accessibility in mind. Attached to your device will be either a Corain case or a ring that allows the connection to be activated to supply the charge. It really is that simple and ideal!

Taking The Dupont Corain Charging Surface out of the home and into the workplace can give employers a different environment to face their challenges. Places such as hospitals, hotels, airports and educational facilities could also benefit from the unique surfaces.

The transmitter will be placed under surfaces allowing the side to look as it always has with an added edge. This could be the end of cords in the kitchen which always can be hazardous whilst doing many different activities. It’s ideal for those who lead busy lifestyles who are in love with their smart phones!

The simplicity of the product adapts to all of the technology you could possible ask for as the rings that can be attached come in three types: Micro-USB, Apple Lightning and Apple 30-pins.
The Corain Charging Surface can become a global phenomenon so keep an eye out so you can add some extra juice to your phone!