At NJ Design, you can rely on us to keep track of all the emerging trends in the world of kitchen design. We are always on hand for a no obligation chat any time you fancy some friendly advice on which direction to take with your kitchen installation or renovation.

This year is likely to see the emergence of several new trends, and many of them are evident in the examples you can view at our showroom.

Muted colour schemes

One characteristic we are seeing increasingly is the preference for muted colour schemes – understated choices such as white, beige and caramel will come to the fore. Many designers think this signals a return to simpler times – in previous decades the colour scheme has been more subtle, and it looks like we are on our way back.

Device corners

One feature of kitchens that is definitely not going back in time is the ‘device corner’. These are areas of the kitchen where we can plug in the ever-growing array of electrical devices we carry every day such as tablets, smart phones and radios. These can be factored into a kitchen’s design to be near plug sockets, but away from potentially hazardous appliances.

Cabinet lighting

We have seen a rise in customers asking for lighting to be fitted into cabinets as an alternative way to light the room, aside from lamps and lights in the ceiling. This can be a good way of allowing your kitchen to sparkle even more than usual, and a range of switches allow you to dictate the exact level of brightness at any given time.

So there’s a flavour of what we can see on the horizon for kitchen design in 2016. Call us today for a no obligation chat on how we can meet your requirements.