Using dark colours can make a place look morbid and doesn’t allow much room for light. It’s true when we say that black does indeed give off a great air of elegance. How do you make these colours compliment the rest of your kitchen? Well there are a bunch of options that can help you, here’s some advice!

Reflection Adds Dimension

Gloss can also give the feel that the kitchen is modern and stylish. Coupled with dark colours, the overall look of your kitchen can become surprisingly light. This is due to the fact that the light from the windows reflects off the gloss. Not only does this make the kitchen look modern but also a lot more spacious in smaller kitchens.

The Modern Feel

The darkness from the counter tops and floors might make the room look warm and humble. You can use light coloured gadgets to lighten up the place and give the room a modern feel. For example, creamed coloured appliances are a popular choice to add a unique temperament. If you are looking to have a more traditional styled kitchen then I would avoid dark colours because a matte finish would be more appropriate.

Light Can Change the Dynamic

It’s important to have quite a bit of light, otherwise the kitchen will look dull. Make sure your designers are aware with the amount of light that you require in order to make the kitchen look sleek instead of dull. Whether it be natural or artificial lighting, the dynamic of the room will change.

It’s important that if you want your kitchen to be the pride of your whole house to follow these simple steps but also speak to your designer and see what they suggest.