As the number of homes needed has grown, many have had to shrink in size to accommodate the additional number added to an estate. This means that the internal rooms, such as the kitchen, have also shrunk in size.

Having a small kitchen might seem like a pain, but it needn’t be. With a little careful planning, there are lots of things you can do to make the most out of your small cooking space.


When planning a kitchen, or any room for that matter, it’s important to think about the colour. Light colours tend to open up a room, making it feel light and airy, while darker colours can make a room seem closed in and oppressive. Therefore, when you’re sitting considering paint colours, always go for the lighter end of the spectrum.

Clever solutions

You might not have much in the way of cupboard space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it cleverly. Using the inside of cupboard doors, shelving as well as cupboards and considering hacks like metal shelves you can add to the side of the refrigerator you can add space as and where you need it.

You can also be clever with your own organisation. Using external storage for items you only use occasionally (such as the best china, or your Christmas dining set if you have one) means you don’t need as much in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Clever design

However you organise your kitchen, nothing can take the place of an effectively planned kitchen which has been put together by professional designers. When NJ Design plan your kitchen, you’re receiving the benefit of our experience and technical expertise to ensure that, whether you’ve got a kitchen the size of a tennis court or you can touch both walls at the same time, you make the very most of the space you have.