Kitchen design is all about blending the stylish, with the practical. And nowhere is this more apparent than the kitchen splashback. Kitchen splashbacks can be fitted between the cabinets and the work-surfaces around your entire kitchen, or just in one small space above the hob, or above the sink. Either way, you need to make sure that the splashback suits your kitchen style, and is a practical material choice. Here at NJ Design, we are solid surface experts. And we create bespoke bathrooms, kitchens, and fixtures for homeowners and businesses across the UK. One of the fixtures we can create and fit is the simple kitchen splashback. But what are the benefits of kitchen splashbacks?

What are the benefits of kitchen splashbacks?

There are a number of benefits to installing a kitchen splashback, whether you opt for one single area, or the whole perimeter. And these advantages include:

  • Low maintenance- our solid surface kitchen splashbacks are designed to be low maintenance. So you just have to give them a wipe with a soft damp cloth, and remove any spills or marks that may have appeared, to keep your kitchen splashback in top condition. And this is much easier than trying to clean tiles and grouting, or simply the painted wall itself. The sleek and glossy finish really helps to keep the splashback looking new and stylish.
  • Heat resistant- solid surface kitchen splashbacks are heat resistant. Which means that over time they will not warp, discolour or be at all effected by the heat in your kitchen. Even the splashback fitted just above the hob will not be effected adversely by the heat.
  • Versatile- Not every kitchen is the same. From different layouts, to different styles, one kitchen can be very different to the next. However, our splashbacks can suit any kitchen, in any style. From the ultra contemporary, to traditional or rustic. You can also choose the most suitable colour for your kitchen colour scheme.

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