When it comes to your new kitchen, you’re making an investment in your home. Any changes you make to your home, should be aiming to add monetary value, as well as practical and stylish solutions for every day life. A big ask, for just one kitchen. But this is totally achievable with a bespoke kitchen, designed and installed by us here at NJ Design. But what are the benefits of a bespoke kitchen? And why should you choose to go bespoke, when you could just pick a fitted kitchen “off the shelf”? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of a bespoke kitchen.

Advantages of a bespoke kitchen

There are many advantages to choosing a custom built kitchen, and these include:

  • style choices
  • use of space
  • quality of the final result

Style choices

When installing a bespoke kitchen, you will have the final say over materials used, colours used, finishes, and sizes. Everything will be built and constructed to fit and suit your space, depending on which options you decide on. This can even include adding stylish finishing touches or decorative flourishes that would not otherwise be possible.

The use of space

Another of the advantages of a bespoke kitchen is that the use of space is really evident. In a bespoke kitchen, the worktops and units are measured and designed for the space available. Unlike a fitted kitchen where the units and cabinets must be made to fit, leaving wasted space and unused or misused areas that are not ideal. This means that bespoke kitchens can offer more storage, and more inventive storage solutions because it is purposely built for your individual kitchen space.


Choosing the bespoke option will always lead to a higher quality end result. And kitchens are no different. In fact, bespoke kitchens don’t just have superior quality, they also last longer and add something unique to your home.

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