Whether it’s your home or your business, choosing a solid surface shower tray can be a great option. Corian, Staron and Tristone are just three of the different solid surface options for bathroom features and fittings. And these can each bring style, as well as a range of practical benefits to your shower. So what are these benefits? And why should you choose a solid surface shower tray? Well, here at NJ Design, we are leading solid surface experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the advantages of solid surface shower trays.

Why should you choose a solid surface shower tray?

So, why is a solid surface shower tray the best option for your shower? Well, there are several reasons, including:

  • Improved hygiene and cleanliness- solid surface shower trays do not have small gaps or joins where mold and other micro-organisms can gather. This means it is one of the most hygienic options for the base of any shower. Plus, solid surfaces are much easier to clean than fiberglass, plastic or tiled shower bases. So your shower will stay looking spotless for longer.
  • Custom shapes- if your shower has a unique design with curves and style, your shower tray will need to match. A solid surface shower tray can be specifically designed to fit in any space, in any shape or style. This means that your shower tray will be perfect for your shower.
  • Custom colours- if you need a specific colour, or you want your shower to be a stylish and attractive bathroom feature, a solid surface base could be the answer. Solid surface bases are available in a huge range of colours and designs, so there is something to fit any bathroom, from the most traditional, to the most contemporary.

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