Here at NJ Design, we are proud to be leading suppliers of the Quooker, as well as high quality solid surface experts, and specialists in bespoke design. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top reasons why your household could benefit from a Quooker tap.

So, why should you choose a Quooker tap?

Installing a Quooker tap in any household can bring a number of benefits and advantages. These include:

  • Instant boiling water- with a Quooker tap you will access to instant 100 degree boiling water, as well as regular hot and cold temperatures. This means no more waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning, or the pan to boil on the hob. You can have boiling water on demand.
  • Safety- the Quooker tap is designed to be incredibly safe. With a childproof handle designed to prevent children from using this accidentally, scalds and burns are much less likely to happen. And of course, a Quooker cannot be knocked over or split like kettles.
  • Filtered chilled and sparkling water- its not only instant boiling water that you can achieve with a Quooker tap, as now by choosing a Quooker cube, you can also enjoy filtered chilled and sparkling water too! So you can stay hydrated with fresh, filtered water, right from the tap.
  • Styles- the Quooker can look great in any kitchen or household. There are 8 different designs, with 3 finishes to choose from, so you can choose the right Quooker for your home. You can also choose just a single tap that offers everything from one tap, or you can opt for a specific boiling water tap, along with an accompanying mixer tap, depending on your preferences.

Why not get in touch with the experts, here at NJ Design, to check out how this piece of kitchen innovation could transform your routine?