A home office space can be very beneficial for anyone working from home, or with flexible working patterns. Designing a home office that meets your needs and requirements means choosing the right materials, layout and furniture. But have you considered bespoke office design? And what are the important considerations for bespoke home office design?

What are the important considerations for bespoke home office design?

There are a number of considerations to take into account when designing a home office area, and if this is to be bespoke, the design considerations are even more relevant. So to make the most of your bespoke office space you should bear in mind:

  • The layout and shape options- when turning any space into a new, bespoke home office, you should initially decide on a layout. Visualize the space and imagine your desk space, storage and seating to determine how you want to layout your office floor-plan.
  • The natural light- this is something that can help you determine the best possible layout for your bespoke home office. Natural light is essential in any office space to help improve productivity, mood and motivation. But too much natural light, in the wrong place, can be distracting and cause glare from documents and the computer screen. As a result, if you have lovely windows and an inspiring view, make sure that your layout, and especially your desk space, will benefit from the natural light, and not be hindered by glare.
  • The amount of storage- when designing a bespoke home office you have full control over the furniture you install. This includes the storage and cabinets. Make sure you add plenty of storage as you will need to keep all of your paperwork safe and secure, as well as well organised. The cabinets can be built into the desk framework for a stunning design that saves space, or these can be separate units, depending on your layout and the size of the new office space.

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