a bespoke bathroom can be a very practical and stylish bathroom option for homeowners and property developers alike. Here at NJ Design, we know how effective bespoke fitted bathroom furniture can be, as we create stunning bespoke bathrooms for homes and properties across the North West. But what should you bear in mind when designing fitted bathroom furniture?

What are the important considerations for bespoke bathroom design?

A bespoke bathroom can create the perfect bathroom space for your property, whatever you have in mind. However, to make sure you make the most of the space available, as well as to ensure you get the right visual results, there are a number of considerations to take into account. These include:

  • The size of the space
  • The colour scheme
  • The bathroom fixtures

The size of the bathroom and bespoke bathroom design

When designing a bespoke bathroom the measurements are crucial to ensuring a positive outcome. For smaller bathroom spaces, ore innovative designs can be considered including those for additional storage, fitted bathroom furniture and concealed showers. For larger bathrooms, practical design options such as double vanity sink units and L shaped showers or walk in showers can be an integral part of the design.

The bathroom colour scheme and bespoke bathroom design

When it comes to bespoke bathroom design, you have a full range of design choices to opt for, including the material, finish, design, style and colour options. This means that you can create the bathroom colour scheme that would be most effective for your space, using solid surface materials, and colour options for bathroom fixtures and cabinets too.

The bathroom fixtures and bespoke bathroom design

A bespoke bathroom also includes the bathroom fixtures, including the toilet, sink, and bath or shower design. Choosing those that will best suit the style of the space you are creating is a good way to ensure an effective visual as well as practical result.

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