In smaller bathrooms it can seem like there just inst enough room to create your perfect bathroom. However, this is not always the case. Here at NJ Design, we are specialists at creating incredible bespoke bathrooms. As a result, we can offer you some advice regarding compact baths and showers, perfect for getting the most out of bespoke small bathroom design.

Compact baths for bespoke small bathroom design

Space saving or compact baths can help you to shape your bathroom, in a way that wont leave you feeling cramped. The variety of compact baths has increased over recent years. These include:

  • Corner cut baths- baths that are not fully rectangular can save a lot of floor space. A corner cut bath is designed in a variety of shapes to fit into smaller bathrooms, and the corners are often cut to the exact size of your bathroom space.
  • Corner bath-unlike the corner cut bath, which has corners removed or shaped, the corner bath is curved around the front, designed to fit in exactly to the corner of the bathroom. The saves floor space.
  • Thermaform bath- Specifically designed with space in mind, a thermaform bath retains the internal bathing space but minimizing the exterior, when compared to a steel bath. This makes it perfect to help you save space in smaller bathrooms.

Compact Showers for bespoke small bathroom design

Space saving or compact shower options are growing in popularity. The options available include:

  • Corner shower/quadrant- This type of shower has a curved front with sliding doors. This means you don’t have to worry about space for opening shower doors out onto other fittings. The curved front means that it fits perfectly into the corner of your bathroom.
  • In-Fold showers- with a door that folds inwards and a space saving size, these showers take up the least room.

In summary

There are a range of shower and bath options available to suite your bespoke small bathroom design. These are able to save floor space and equip your bathroom with everything you need. For more inspiration why not visit us online or in store, at NJ Design?