Wet rooms are undoubtedly a growing trend in bathroom design, and their increasing popularity means you no longer need an extravagant budget in order to be able to afford one. So why are more and more people moving away from the traditional model of a bathroom?

At NJ Design, we’ve found that one of the main attractions of a wet room is the space it saves. You don’t need a shower cubicle, and a bath is purely optional, which is ideal if you’re struggling with the limitations of a small bathroom.

Another plus is the fact that wet rooms tend to be easier to maintain. This is because they don’t have shower cubicles with corners and edges that are hard to reach, and even more difficult to scrub.

Having a wet room also means there’s no need to step into a shower, or stand in it, so they’re great for people with mobility issues, or anyone who’s looking to prepare their home for ease in their later years.

The other major appeal of a wet room is the striking design potential it offers. Eliminating the need for a shower, and even a bath, means you’ll have the space to match your imagination.

But a wet room is not suitable for all homes, so if you’re considering installing one then it’s highly advised you talk to the experts at an early stage.

This is why NJ Design offers free, no obligation, discussions about your plans. If you decide to go ahead, our designers will use their talents to turn your ideas into reality: whether you want a wet room that’s on-trend or unique to your own style. And rest assured, all of our bathroom furniture is either bespoke or crafted by a leading brand.

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