Corian is a solid surface material that is made from a combination of natural minerals and acrylic copolymer. It’s most notable for its stone-hard surface and the way different countertops blend into one another.

As a company, we are licensed by Corian UK to fabricate, thermoform, install and guarantee their materials, whether used in worktops, reception desks or other surfaces.

Because of this, we know more than a thing or two about the benefits this material can provide. Here’s a few of the reasons you should consider Corian for your installation project.

  1. Looks like a single surface

Even if you invest in a range of different Corian appliances – for instance a sink, a countertop and a backsplash – the entire collection still looks as if it’s one continuous solid surface.

Aesthetically this is a bonus for many home or business owners, as it produces a classy, clean look. But beyond that, it has hygiene benefits too, as it stops bacteria and mould from taking root and doesn’t provide any joints through which water can penetrate, meaning your surface is genuinely as clean as it looks.

  1. Easily cleaned

On the subject of cleaning, the act itself is very easy to carry out without risking damage to the material. Corian countertops aren’t affected by the chemicals in most household cleaners, and they also make cleaning less necessary by being resistant to mildew, mould and bacteria.

However, we would recommend avoiding harsher cleaning materials such as oven cleaners.

  1. Damage can be repaired

The type of damage inflicted is obviously important – a serious blow to a sink is going to cause different results to a mere dent. But when it comes to scratches, fine ones can be easily rubbed away whereas slightly bigger ones can be buffed out without much fuss.

Its ability to resist damage in the first place is also notable, especially with regards to burning as Corian is extremely resistant to high temperatures.