In any hotel, standards are high and presentation is the key to success. Whether you’re opting for a high contemporary finish, or something more traditional or classic, the decorative choices you make can have a knock on effect on the success of your hotel business. And then there are the practicalities to consider as well. For example, in the bathroom, style is essential. But so is practicality. And that’s why Hanex can be such an effective option. Here at NJ Design we are leading solid surface experts, and this is our guide to the advantages of Hanex for hotel bathrooms.

Advantages of Hanex for hotel bathrooms

Hanex is a solid surface material that is versatile and durable, and can be used effectively in a range of different rooms, including the bathroom. So, why should you opt for Hanex? Well, this can bring a range of advantages, including:

  • Versatility- Hanex can be used across the whole of your hotel bathroom, so you don’t need to change material half way through. Hanex can be used effectively for shower enclosures, counter tops, sinks and even baths themselves.
  • Easily shaped- if your hotel bathroom is an unusual shape, or you want to make the most of all the space available, Hanex can be a good choice.  Hanex can easily be shaped and styled to the perfect dimensions. So whether its a full size bath or only a shower tray, Hanex is the perfect solution.
  • Hygienic- Hanex has no gaps or joins at all. And this makes it impossible for unsightly mould to build up, which would otherwise discolour your bathroom suite and creating an unhygienic environment.
  • Waterproof- of course, to be useful in the bathroom environment, it stands to reason that waterproof products are essential. Hanex is naturally waterproof and wont need treating or sealing to stay that way.

If you are ready to choose your solid surface, why not check out our range of Hanex today, here at NJ Design.