Imagine – your kitchen in colour. Here at NJ Design, we can transform your kitchen into a colourful hub for your culinary creations and exciting lifestyle with our made to measure kitchens with colourful solid surfaces from LG Hi-Macs and CD(UK). Let’s say goodbye to monotonous monochrome.

Add some colour to your kitchen

Forget no-fun neutrals, the colours that suck dry every last drop of colour from your culinary exploits. And don’t get us started on beige…

A kitchen in vibrant colours can intensify your cooking experiments, bringing some chemistry to your everyday life. Here are five amazing kitchen colours you should consider.

1. Retro red and white

Do you like it hot? A fiery chilli-red and white kitchen colour-scheme will not only ignite your culinary flames but bring that classic American retro style to your home.

2. Bold blue

From spicy to ice cold, a blue tiling effect in the kitchen has a charming Mediterranean look which will make your food appear livelier and more delicious than ever. What’s more, the colour blue has a naturally cooling effect – in case things get too heated.

3. Burnt orange

This is a great option for someone who wants to add some colour whilst keeping it traditional. Burnt orange doors are a great substitute for wood and, if paired with black work surfaces, they will bring your kitchen a deeply warm, rustic feel.

4. Calming yellow

Yellow just makes everyone feel good. Sunny, bright and full of life; a soft hue of yellow in the kitchen won’t be too warm or overpowering and if combined in a colour scheme including white, it will help make your kitchen feel light and airy.

5. Organic green

What better way to inspire a healthier lifestyle than a naturally beautiful kitchen in green? A leafy matte green is perfect when paired up with white or wooden surfaces for an organic yet wholesome colour scheme.

Whatever colour you decide for your new kitchen, we have the expertise and skill to make it a reality. At NJ Design, we install our made to measure kitchens using only the best solid surfaces from LG Hi-Macs and Corian. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can transform your kitchen.