Corian is now deepening their pallet and allowing for richer and darker colours to become available to customers. This is allowing designers, fabricators and architects to achieve hues and tones they never had before.

Deeper, smoother cutting

Whilst normally working with metals and other reflective materials, designers have come together to create a new Corian colour pallet that reflects light with its intricate and delicate patterns.

Consistent Colour

Even though they look good, the appliances have to be fully functional so creating a vanity and worktop in a rich colour has to be able to rely on a material that can be thermoformed without showing any whitening spots on the radius points. A great example of this would be the colour Deep Nocturne as it retains its depth and design and also allows fabricators to create smooth curves and shapes.

A more Polished Look

By using new cutting edge technology and high pressure techniques, they are able to ensure that the material has been properly thermoformed for a more refined finish. This also helps maintain the geometry without the need for any extra polishing.

A lot more Durable

The technology used now to create these designs are making the material more durable so it lasts longer and it’s less prone to scratch marks and reduced impact whitening. This is a more sophisticated way to ensure its depth of colour and offers new possibilities and ideas to each designer.

Some of the new colours are:

  • Deep Titanium
  • Deep Cloud

Both are a bold grey colour with subtle hints of granite.

  • Deep Anthracite
  • Deep Black Quartz
  • Deep Night Sky
  • Deep Nocturne

All are stark blacks with flecks of silver to recreate that starry night sky.

  • Deep Espresso
  • Deep Caviar
  • Deep Storm
  • Deep Sable
  • Deep Bedrock
  • Deep Mink

These are more your coffee colours, some with flecks of silver again and some plain yet elegant.