A new kitchen is a major investment. Here at the Kitchen Collective, we understand that you want your new kitchen to be perfect, and that’s why we take the time to create bespoke kitchens for all our customers. But what exactly are the advantages of a bespoke kitchen over the standard ‘off the shelf’ variety?

First and foremost, a bespoke kitchen is unique to you. A bespoke kitchen can cater for your specific tastes, needs and idiosyncrasies in a way that an ‘off the shelf’ one never could. Everything from the materials used to the size and arrangement of the individual units is at your discretion. You can even add stylistic flourishes that would normally be impossible. Having a new kitchen installed is a significant investment, so why settle for anything less than a kitchen that’s perfect for you?

On a more practical level, a bespoke kitchen makes the best possible use of the space available. Standard kitchens are made up of units of a pre-determined size and shape; these have to be arranged into the space available as efficiently as possible. Regardless of how carefully they are arranged, however, some space will always be wasted or misused because the units cannot be tailored or adjusted to the demands of the room they are situated in. Bespoke kitchens eliminate this problem; they allow you to fit more into the available area while allowing the room to retain a spacious feeling.

The fact that bespoke kitchens use space efficiently also gives them a secondary advantage. The additional space makes a bespoke kitchen an ideal social area. If you frequently entertain guests or if you live with other people, a bespoke kitchen can be a great place to chat and relax.

Bespoke kitchens even offer a financial benefit, as they increase the value of your home. This is partly due to their superior quality and superlative longevity, and partly due to the fact that they add a quirky, unique flourish to your home. A bespoke kitchen gives your home something no other house has, making it an ideal investment for the future.

Buying a bespoke kitchen may seem like a big step, but the benefits are undeniable. This leaves just one important question – what will your bespoke kitchen look like?